“Going Viral: Religion and Health” grad student conference

As many of you know, I am a graduate student in religious studies at Boston University. My colleagues and I are planning a conference for October 14th, 2017 to share research on the intersection of religion and health. The distinguished scholar Dr. Ellen Idler will be giving the keynote address. I know many of you who watch the show are also graduate students. So if you have research that you would like to share, either in the form of a paper or a poster presentation, consider submitting your C.V. and a 300 word abstract to bureligionconference2017@gmail.com by today, July 21st! Call for Papers: Religion and Health graduate student conference … [Read On...]

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Gospel of Thomas Episode [further reading]

One of my earliest videos—”What did Gnostic Christians Believe?”—continues to garner the most views out of all of my videos. My other top performers? The videos on the Gospel of Judas and the Gospel of Thomas. Something about Gnosticism really interests people on YouTube! Check out my Gospel of Thomas video below: This video coincided […]

Mandatory World Religions Course? [further reading]

If you didn’t get a chance, check out my video on Modesto, CA’s mandatory religious studies course. In this video I give an overview of what a mandatory high school class in religious studies might look like and offer a few reasons why we need curriculum like this. Advocates for religious literacy frequently laud Modesto’s school […]

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What is Ritual? [vlog bibliography]

Jonathan Z. Smith and Catherine Bell (who tragically died in 2008) have both heavily influenced scholarship on ritual studies over the past three decades. Ritual used to be viewed as “an outward expression of inward faith”—actions that reflected deeper mythologies, sincerity, belief, or symbolism. Smith and Bell (along with a few other key scholars) helped to turn the […]

Gospel of Judas Bibliography

This was a very difficult video to produce simply because of how much research is out there. The academic discipline of ancient history moves VERY SLOWLY. So when new data appears on the scene, scholars immediately jump on it.   I’ll make it easy for all of you and provide the monographs and articles I relied […]

Did Emperor Decius Specifically Target Christians? [bibliography]

Because Christian persecution is such a volatile topic, I approached this video with a measure of trepidation. Tempers can flare when you try to vet the historicity of martyrdom accounts. Dr. Candida Moss, for example, received huge amounts of hate mail for her book The Myth of Persecution back in 2013 for applying the historical critical […]