Where Did Ancient Christians Meet? [Vlog]


Seconds before an attendant told me I can’t film on site.


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Andrew Henry is a PhD student in early Christianity at Boston University. His research focuses on the popular and domestic religion of the eastern Mediterranean, particularly the magico-religious rituals deployed to harness and direct ritual power.


  1. Dan Krodel says:

    I like the video blog. Tone the music down a tad and my hearing aids will pick up your voice better. I already knew early Christians met in synagogues and sometimes in the outer areas of the temple. I also knew about the house meetings. But I like how you added the archaeological pictures and sources to better inform your blog watchers. The Oikos principle, as you know, is a predominant theme throughout scripture. It is an important principle in my evangelical Presbyterian teaching as well. Thanks for the added resources!

    • Andrew Henry says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the episode. I’m trying to focus on topics that are both interesting and educational. The archaeology, in my opinion, brings these topics to life. We can read Paul’s letters all we want, but it won’t seem real to us until we see evidence of actual associations in antiquity.

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